Nympha is a website of visual references for sharing and saving artistical projects made by women.

There is a lack of women representation in the artistic environment. We have the misconception that this environment is equal due to the number of women working in, but it’s not true (Yokoyama, 2017).

Towards this context, the website was created to empower artists and designers women to make them feel confident about exposing their work and receiving feedbacks, making a future behind a feminine vision.


To unify the attributes of the brand, that are: inspiring | representative | empowered | disruptive |  a concept was created, based on “Vitória-Régia” legend, where an indian fall in love for the moon and die drownded. The moon transformed her on the plant. There is a feminine representation and brazilian in the story, that served as inspiration for the brand and the website.


The methodology used was a mix between Jesse James Garrett and Human Centered Design. HCD brings an active participation of the user on the project, and Garrett is also focused on the user but for digital products.


To provide greater learning about the target audience, and identify their goals, four women were interviewed, divided into two groups: potential site developed and potential content creators. Some of the insights were:

Presented at the Garrett methodology, the sitemap is the representation of the information architecture of a website. He directs to the construction and also to the user experience.

• The first thing that comes in mind when talking about visual references is Pinterest, and is the most used tool;

• All of them access daily one of them and the reasons are the most diverse, ranging from finding a gift to discovering new recipes;


In order to understand quantitatively the users, a research was made at the beginning of the project. It was applied during six days and got mainly women of responders.



For the cromatic palette, the inferior part of Vitória-Régia was used as inspiration. The palette is made by strong colors, representing the brand concept. Lilac is the main color, and besides transmitting certain mysticism, is the feminism color, and is on key points at the website.​​​

Check out the prototype: https://adobe.ly/3hWP2ZM

This is an academic final degree project for the subject of LAB VIII, from design course at PUCRS.