I'm Julia, a twenty-three year old designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. My main focus on work is projecting fluid digital experiences combined with  beauty.

Beyond the digital, editorial design is also a passion of mine.  I really do love design, and couldn't think of other another thing I could be doing <3

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UX Designer


2021 - present

Graphic Designer Intern

Néktar Design

2020 - 2021

I worked making mostly digital products, as e-mail marketing, catalog of products, posts for social media and others intern materials for companies.

UX Designer Intern


2019 - 2020

I made part of the teams Backstage Admin, Recommendation, situated at Big Data and Player, where I worked with Design System and UX Research.

Communication Manager

N Design

2019 - 2020

N Design is a design event made by students for student, voluntarily. As the communication manager, I took care of the management of the activiets to be done, and also participate of the production of graphic materials.

Graphic Designer Intern

Mala & Cuia


My first interniship was at a travel agency. There, I participated in the making of magazines, posts for social media, photo curation and other graphic materials.

Nowadays I work on the Application Platform team, responsible for supporting Neoway's Platform. Before, I worked on the Sales & Marketing team.

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